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mcwetboy's Journal

Jonathan Crowe
Among other things, I’m the author of The Map Room (maproom), a blog about maps, and DFL, a blog about last-place finishes at the Olympics. When I’m not blogging, writing or correcting other people’s grammar, I raise snakes, play the piano, and look through my telescope. Also, I read a lot.

I’m an introvert with severe arthritis: I don’t get out much. On those rare occasions I actually leave my house, I can usually be found in the company of my significant other, fritzkat. Often at science fiction conventions.

I don’t anticipate posting much here (visit my personal blog for that); I’m mostly here for the brutal and reprehensible stalking of friends and acquaintances with LJ accounts, and commenting on their journal entries. (To be honest, I’m ambivalent about the whole LiveJournal vibe in general.) So, if you know who the hell I am (and even if you don’t), feel free to add me as a friend, but generally speaking this isn’t where I’ll give you something to read.

I’m also following my favourite science-fiction and fantasy writers with LJ accounts (there are a lot, seemingly); if you’re one of those and you don’t know who the hell I am, that’s why. Hope you don’t mind.

I’m all over the goddamn social Internet: